Technological Expertise

We have many satisfied Technological Expertise.

Technological Expertise - Trendy at Fore, Technical to the Core

Technicality doesn’t mean overtly complex solutions. DataReef’s technical team believes that the simplest of software development goes a long way. Basic features like site development remains priority, but the technology used has also gained importance.

Programming and scripting

For programming and scripting, DataReef uses the following:

  • PHP
    A staple for web development, PHP is the most popularly used server-side scripting language. At DataReef, we provide a comprehensive PHP development services for fast, span and cost-effective web solutions.
  • HTML 5
    It is the most user-friendly web developing markup language used by web and software developers all over the world. Easier to use and frequently updated, HTML’s 5th version is the latest addition to the simple website coding saddle. Our programmers are well acquainted with the latest version of HTML.
    ASP.NET is the most popularly used server-side scripting language. At DataReef, we provide a comprehensive ASP.NET development services to create dynamic web pages and websites.

DataReef’s focus remains with the leaders among programming languages. Working with us keeps our clients also at par with the latest updates in the software market.

Technology Platform

This is the software framework that Microsoft has developed primarily to run on Microsoft Windows. With Base Class Library of .NET framework, you get access to network communications, numeric algorithms, web application development, cryptography, database connectivity, data access and user interface.

RDBMS have become a popular choice for the storage of information in new databases used in different industry verticals. At DataReef we work with different RDBMSs as per the requirement of our clients. The Relational DataBase Management systems (RDBMS) used by us include:

  • Oracle:the first available RDBMS, Oracle has earned many accolades. With features like Active Session History(ASH), Automatic Workload Repository(AWR),Data Aggregation and Consolidation, iSQL*Plus, Virtual Private Database and much more, Oracle is still the popular choice of RDBMS among developers.
  • MS SQL: Microsoft SQL Server is a RDBMS that supports quick sharing and high data storing facilities along with your regular Windows software platform. It also provides added features like managing buffers, analysis, integration and others. It is the best database support on Windows system.
  • MySQL: It is the most widely used open source RDBMS in web applications. It is also the central component of the widely used LAMP open source web application software stack.

Operating Systems for which we develop apps:

We develop software application programs for most significant OS platforms. The renowned OS platforms for which we develop apps are -

MS Windows
This is a graphical interface operating system developed by Microsoft. Microsoft Windows dominated the market of personal computers and even overtook Mac OS. At present Windows 8 version of this OS is being used worldwide.

This Unix-like computer OS is assembled under open source and free software distribution and development. This is a prominent OS on servers and other huge systems like supercomputers and mainframe computers. Linux Mint 14 and Kernel are the latest versions of this OS.

This Linux-based operating system is specially, designed for the touchscreen mobile phones like tablet computers and smartphones. The first Android-powered phone was sold in 2008. Jelly Bean 4.2 makes Android devices the first choice for mobile users. iOS

Apple Inc. has distributed and developed this operating system. This was originally released for iPod Touch and iPhone platforms and later on extended to other Apple devices like Apple TV and iPad. iOS 6 is the latest version of this OS.